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Sealegs Amphibious Enablement Systems, or AES, are the most simple way to transform your boat into an amphibious craft. 

Each kit comes with every component required to enable your craft with amphibious ability, all that you need is a boat slightly modified to accept the system. 

Sealegs has developed three distinct amphibious systems to suit varying sizes of boat up to 12m LOA, meaning no matter what your boat looks like we can help you make it amphibious.

Contact us now or read on to learn more about Sealegs AES.


System 70 is available with a minimum order quantity of five for the integration craft at the design stage. Please get in touch with the details of your design and application

Standard and custom amphibious solutions are available now, so get in touch to make your boat amphibious.



Extended Run Time (XRT) allows Sealegs-enabled craft to travel on land for 30 minutes within every hour. This allows for an effective range of more than 3km, ensuring craft can get to their destination once landed.

XRT features include: fan-assisted hydraulic oil cooling system, hydraulic hot flush valve, high temperature warning, additional 45 amp alternator

The Automatic Braking System (ABS) on Sealegs amphibious enablement systems is a key safety feature of the kits.

ABS is a land-based mechanical brake within the rear drive motors which automatically activates when: the craft is parked with motor off, in the unlikely event of a hydraulic transmission failure or if the operator activates the emergency stop system.

The Sealegs power steering system comes fitted with high pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings which results in an easier effort at the wheel - even when under heavy load.

In the unlikely event of a failure in the electric power steering pump, the system automatically reverts back to standard manual hydraulic steering.

Power Steering combines fantastically well with AWD.

Sealegs Amphibious Enablement Systems are equipped with All Wheel Drive (AWD). All Wheel Drive gives each wheel in the system with its own drive motor. 

Having a motor on each wheel allows for maximum traction and terrain capability when encountering beach inclines of soft sand, shell, shingle and/or pebbles. 

Contact us now to find out more about Sealegs Amphibious Enablement Systems